Deep Tissue Massage

60-Minute $95 or 90-Minute $120

This massage reaches the deeper layers of muscle tissue using more intense pressure and deep kneading strokes to relieve pain and knots throughout the body.

Therapeutic Massage

60-Minute $85 or 90-Minute $110

This goal-oriented massage focuses on specific problem areas to relieve tension and pain.

Swedish Massage

60-Minute $75 or 90-Minute $100

Relax and rejuvenate the mind and body with this full body massage that features long, gliding strokes to encourage blood flow back towards the heart.

Prenatal Massage

30-Minute $55 or 60-Minute $80

Eliminate stress, backaches, headaches, and more with this gentle massage designed for the expecting mother.

Massage Treatment Add-on’s:

  • Hot Stones $15
  • Aroma Therapy $25