You may or may not have heard plenty of rumors and misconceptions about injectables—the beauty treatment that can have a dramatically positive impact on a person’s appearance. Indeed, the effect can be so positive that injectables have become arguably the most popular treatment for aesthetics a med spa can offer. In the past fifteen years, the number of people receiving injectables has risen by a staggering 800%. 

And yet, though the spa treatment is incredibly popular, newcomers often still have doubts, most likely because of the amount of misinformation surrounding the treatment. In this blog, we’re going to demystify the treatment by providing all the key information that you need to know.

Types of Filler

First of all, let’s clear one thing up—there’s not just one type of injectable filler treatment. At Le Beaute Spa, we offer neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Both of these treatments work in slightly different ways and target slightly different areas. Dermal fillers will enhance your natural features and plump your lips, among other benefits. Treatments like botox will reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. 

In either case, the end result is the same: you’ll look and feel your very best!

It Can Have An Anti-Aging Effect

People don’t get injectable treatments just for fun. Injectables are used so often because they deliver incredible results. Studies have shown that injectables can have an anti-aging effect, both in the immediate aftermath of the treatment and on a longer-term basis. By getting an injectables treatment, you’ll be putting yourself on the path toward younger-looking skin. 

People Won’t Know (Unless You Tell Them)

Some people are put off not because injectables don’t work but because they think that they work too well. You may be curious about the benefits of the treatment, but you don’t want a million questions a day post-treatment asking whether you’ve “had work done.” 

You can only tell when someone has had injectable treatment when A. they get too much or B. they don’t work with a professional. This type of treatment is all about preserving and enhancing what you already have; it won’t dramatically change your appearance unless you want it to.

It’s Safe

People rightly have reservations about putting chemicals in their bodies. But when it comes to injectables, there’s no reason to have doubts about safety. These types of treatments have been in use for more than three decades. In fact, in the early days, injectables were given FDA approval for treating a number of eye issues. They’re as safe as can be, especially if you work with an experienced beauty house such as La Beaute Spa. 

The Effect Could Last a While

You might hesitate to receive treatment if you think the effects won’t last very long. The truth is that results can last a long time if the treatment is conducted by an experienced professional. And once you’ve had your first treatment, you can usually just come in to “top up” the effects rather than undergoing a full treatment. 

And there we have it! If you’re ready for your first treatment, be sure to get in touch with La Beaute Spa to make an appointment.