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With over 35 years of experience, our Medical Spa delivers an indulging sensory experience with a holistic approach towards your total transformation. Our premium products and services help you to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your beauty from the inside out.

We are committed to delivering you the ultimate spa experience. Our attention to detail is second to none, with your best interests at heart. Our aesthetics specialists and physician-grade products, deliver you the most reliable and rejuvenating experience throughout the Indianapolis metropolitan area.



Coolsculpting is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction and other fat-reduction treatments, which works by ‘freezing’ the fat cells in your targeted area. This causes the cells to die – resulting in a 20-25% reduction in fat. It can be applied to your chin, jawline, abdomen, buttocks, and even your back.Each coolsculpting session takes around an hour, and is relatively pain-free. You’ll typically notice the full results around three months after your session as it takes a little time for your body to eliminate or flush out the dead cells. However, once these cells have been removed from your body, they cannot grow back or enlarge should you gain a little weight here and there.


If you’re looking to battle the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and frown lines, injectables are a safe, non-surgical solution that can help to turn back the clock and restore your natural, youthful glow. This is because injectables, such as fillers counteract volume loss, while also relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles in the first place.Our award-winning Indianapolis Spa offers a variety of filler and neurotoxin options to our clients – guaranteeing the best results while enhancing your natural beauty.


A good skincare routine often goes hand in hand with confidence and self-esteem – as when you look good, you feel good! However, putting together a skincare routine that works for your unique skin type is often easier said than done. However, that’s where we come in!Our aestheticians have a deep understanding of all things skincare, and will therefore be able to support you in curating an effective, highly-customized skincare routine that works for you. No more trial and error, no more wasting money on ineffective products – whether you’re dealing with acne, aging, or sun damage, we’re here to help. We’ll only recommend products to you that we’ve tried ourselves – meaning we know all about the benefits they bring around!

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